TOP 100 best gifts for dad +20 ideas and tips for daughter


Looking for a gift for your dad on an anniversary, birthday, or February 23? There are many options for gifts for the most loved person. Consider the person’s place of work, social status, Hobbies, age, and personal wishes. For sure, the son, daughter, wife, mother know what the head of the family dreams of.


1. Toolset

Give your dad a good set of tools. It can be a screwdriver, spanner, hammer, impact drill, or electric jigsaw. You can also select a separate tool for the presentation.

2. Laser level

The device will become a reliable assistant to the father, who makes and makes everything with his own hands. It is important to choose the right laser level after consulting with experts in this industry.

3. Barbecue or grill

If the birthday boy is the soul of the company, then such a present will be to his taste. Buy a good quality barbecue so that your father can proudly display it in front of his friends.

4. Home smokehouse

A high-quality small smokehouse made of stainless steel with a heat-resistant coating is a good present for those who often rest in the country.

5. A set of wicker furniture for the garden

It can be installed on the verandah or the street, the furniture from the vine is distinguished by an exquisite view and convenience. The birthday boy will be happy with the present.

6. Cooler bag

Isothermal cooler bag will appeal to my father, who often goes on business trips and to the country, loves Hiking and picnicking. A convenient accessory will be useful in the household.

7. Car vacuum cleaner

If the Pope has a car, then this gift will serve him. It is necessary for periodic cleaning of the car interior, making this process easy and convenient.

8. GPS Navigator

This device will help the driver get to the right place, even in an unfamiliar city, indicate the route, warn about turns, and also about speeding.

9. DVR

A useful thing for a gift to a dad who drives a car. It is necessary to record everything that happens on the road and help the driver prove their case in non-standard situations.

10. Gear for sports

If the father leads an active lifestyle, goes in for sports, buys him a good Bicycle, Golf balls, roller skates, or a punching bag and gloves for the holiday.

11. Sports simulator

The choice of such items is quite wide: a treadmill, power expander, dumbbells, wheel-trimmer. Give preference to a convenient and useful simulator that the birthday boy needs.

12. Men’s bag or briefcase

Is your father in a managerial position? For a gift to him, prepare a leather briefcase or bag in a strict business style. He will always have the necessary documents and office papers at hand.

13. Camping lantern

A convenient, modern accessory with a solar battery and a USB port is simply necessary for the hero of the occasion, who loves active recreation, fishing, and hunting. The flashlight will be used to charge your phone and other gadgets.

14. Manual log splitter

If the birthday boy has a barbecue, fireplace, or other hearths that works on wood, give him a hand-held woodcutter. It is much safer and more convenient than an ordinary ax.

15. Wristwatch

This is a welcome gift for every man. For your favorite daddy, you can choose an expensive exclusive watch model. Consider the preferences and occupation of the birthday boy.

16. Stylish leather belt

Dad, who works in the office, will fit this accessory. The branded genuine leather belt will emphasize the status of a businessman. It will not be superfluous, even if the birthday boy already has a similar accessory.

17. Fishing accessories

A compact fishing rod with a flexible rod will be suitable for a father-fisherman as a gift. He will be happy if you give a set of fishermen in a wooden box. It has floats, fishing lines, hooks, cage, sinkers, and much more.

18. Personal purse-clutch

An accessory made of high-quality material will allow you to put things in order in your bag and pockets, it will fit both a business suit and everyday clothes. This is a great alternative to a regular wallet.

19. Business suit

Choose a suit better together with the birthday boy. And let the gift will not be a surprise, but you will please your father with the purchase. You can give him a certificate to go to a clothing store.

20. Tablet

Buy a modern gadget for a present for your dad. This can be a tablet, smartphone, or iPhone. Perhaps it is the anniversary of the need to replace the old mobile phone.

21. Laptop

If you have the opportunity to please the father of the family with such a new thing, this is great. After all, technology wears out and becomes outdated, so a modern laptop will more than replace the old one.

22. Digital camera

Dad is fond of photography – give him a camera, choosing the right model. Your family album will be updated with new images.

23. Stand for laptop or tablet

A special stand will create reliable support for the gadget and ease of operation. It is used anywhere, with a laptop on it. An inexpensive gift can be given to your father on February 23 or his birthday.

24. Accessories for laptop

A wireless mouse, a flash drive in the form of a tank or a gun, a curly keyboard, a laptop bag – these gifts will be appropriate if your dad is a programmer or often sits at the computer.

25. Mechanical weather station

A wall-mounted or desktop weather station will find a place at home, in the office, or the country. It includes a thermometer, barometer, and hygrometer. The birthday boy will be happy with the present.

26. Lawnmower

It will not be a problem to buy a gift for your father, a gardener, or a gardener. The lawnmower will help you easily take care of the lawn and yard, mow the grass in time, and create comfort on the site.

27. Tillers

The equipment will facilitate the work of the gardener, used for plowing and hilling the land, for transporting goods and snow removal from the site. Dad will find a use for the unit, given from the whole family.

28. Greenhouse or greenhouse for cottages

You can choose different options for such structures, especially popular greenhouses and greenhouses made of polycarbonate. The father will treat the whole family with vegetables grown in the greenhouse.

29. Slow cooker

Many men like to cook, if your father is one of them, give him a slow cooker for his birthday. His talents as a cook will be revealed even more.

30. Bread

Another device that a man can easily cope with, baking natural, healthy bread for the whole family. You can also buy other equipment – a blender, mixer, etc.

31. Massage devices

Proceed from the type of activity of the birthday boy and his physical training. Choose a massager for the neck or legs, a high-quality massage Cape on the chair.

32. Rocking chair

In a comfortable chair, dad will relax after work, read a book, or watch TV.

33. Orthopedic pillow

Take care of dad’s health, give him an orthopedic pillow. It will ensure the correct position of the neck during sleep and rest.

34. Plaid with photos

A soft, warm blanket with photos of family members applied to it, made to order – a perfect gift for a loving dad. His family will always be there for him.

35. The electric heater

It will create a comfortable environment in the room. Near the fireplace, you can drink tea, chat with family and friends, while away the long winter evenings.

36. Original lamp

Buy a floor lamp, night light, or table lamp for your dad, who spends a lot of time reading books or working at the computer.

37. A gift to the collector dad

If the birthday boy is engaged in collecting, get rare items for his collection: vintage coins, car brands, weapons, icons, figurines, stamps.

38. Quadrocopter or drone

A good idea for a gift to a father who has everything, a radio-controlled aircraft. You can use it to take a bird’s-eye view.

39. Mini-bar with appliances

A useful gift for the home or office. A stylish-looking wooden mini-bar will decorate the interior, and wine glasses and glasses will be used for tasting alcoholic beverages.

40. Jewelry

For your father’s anniversary, give him a gold chain with a pendant or a bracelet. Choose cufflinks or a tie clip made of precious metals that match his style.

41. A good perfume

When choosing your father’s Cologne, keep in mind that the fragrance should emphasize his taste, character, style, and complement the image.

42. Shaver

It is better to choose a combined shaver with mains and battery power. A man can use it at home and take it with him on the road.

43. Case with socks

A stock of 30 pairs of socks in a convenient case is what a man needs. You will remove from the birthday boy the care of household details.

44. Board games

Mini Golf, backgammon, checkers, chess, and other games will interest the father-an intellectual who likes to solve complex problems.

45. T-shirt

Funny t-shirt with an interesting print or inscription: “Favorite Daddy”, “The best husband”, “Dad + son”, with funny poems, will appeal to the hero of the occasion.

46. Mug with the inscription

On the mug, you can order an original inscription or a photo of the Pope, someone from the family. From such a Cup, the drink will seem tastier.

47. A coffee grinder or coffee machine

For a birthday boy who likes to drink coffee and treat his friends to it – this is a great birthday present.

48. Equipment for home brewing

Thanks to this set, the head of the family will prepare a few liters of beer on his own, brag about the gift to his friends.

49. Set for sauna

It consists of towels, a set of oils for the steam room, a hat. It will be useful for a sauna lover.

50. Beautiful lighter and ashtray unusual

A small souvenir will please the Smoking birthday boy. Choose unusual accessories for it.

51. A set of souvenir glasses or shot glasses

Beautiful, stylish glasses with funny pictures or inscriptions will not gather dust in the closet of a generous owner. They will be useful during the reception.

52. Wireless headphones

This device is necessary for a man if he likes to watch movies, listen to music, and e-books. A son or daughter can buy new headphones for the holiday.

53. Musical instrument

Buy a guitar or other musical instrument for your music dad. If the birthday boy sings karaoke-suitable microphone for the computer.

54. The mug is heated

Dishes will appeal to the birthday boy who works late, likes to drink tea or coffee. An interesting option is a mug with an inscription, for example, “Dad is always right”.

55. Alarm clock or wall clock

Pay attention to unusual watches with a thematic meaning, decorated with interesting prints in a humorous, romantic, or brutal men’s style.

56. Binoculars/telescope

If the birthday boy is fond of hunting or likes to visit the theater, this gift will suit him. For a dad who wants to watch the night sky, buy a telescope.

57. Folding tray table

My father will use it for snacking while watching TV. It does not take up much space in the room, because it is not necessary to fold.

58. Box-container for storing tools

A container box is necessary for a father who is a Jack-of-all-trades if he has a lot of tools to work with at home

59. Universal remote control

Dad will be happy to accept from your hands as a gift a remote control that will help you control several household appliances at once.

60. Personal apron

A man who can cook, please on the holiday of February 23 or birthday named apron with the inscription “(name of the Pope) can cook.”

61. Gift set honey

Father, a lover of sweets, give a set of honey. It is much more useful than sweets and cookies. This is a beautiful, delicious, and useful present.

62. Antistress toy

Stress-Max doll toy, female breast, set of “Darts + TIC-TAC-toe”. They all soothe, relieve depression, and set you up for work.

63. Cool figurines and figurines

Figurines in the form of an electrician, Builder, fisherman, doctor, or representative of another profession are a great choice for dad. The main thing is to choose the right themed statuette for it.

64. Collectible elite alcohol

This gift can be presented by the son of the birthday boy. A bottle of elite alcoholic beverages can be supplemented with a personalized bottle in a gift box.

65. Decorative fountain

So that the birthday boy can relieve stress after hard work, give him a small fountain. It will calm you down and give you a good mood.

66. Aquarium

This option is suitable if your father loves living creatures and is hardworking. Goldfish in the original aquarium will decorate the interior and give positive emotions.

67. Portrait of the Pope

For your father’s anniversary, order a portrait of him from a professional artist. The hero does not need to be present when creating a portrait – it will be made from a photo.

68. Retro items from the past

Give your father a set of discs containing recordings of movies or music from his youth, a samovar, a retro watch, or other items that reminds him of years gone by.

69. The video message

On the video, write down warm wishes for the father-birthday boy or make an interesting video from photos. Copy the received frames to a video card with a built-in color screen.

70. The picture is burnt on the Board

A son can make a gift to his father with his own hands. The subject of the image chooses to your taste: nature, technology, or even a portrait of the father if the son has mastered the technique of burning.

71. A poem or song as a gift

A daughter or son can write and read a poem to the Pope for his anniversary. Kind, warm words of wishes will be pleasant to the father. Make a record of your father’s favorite song performed by children.

72. Personal tea

High-quality, large-leaf tea (Indian or Chinese) will warm dad with the warmth of your care.

73. “Best dad” Medal

Children who do not earn money themselves can make their favorite daddy an anniversary medal made of cardboard, paper, wood, and ribbon. This kind of greeting touches the father.

74. Basket

Fill the basket with dad’s favorite Goodies. This can be a stick of sausage, cheese, a jar of caviar and olives, basturma, dark chocolate, a bottle of cognac.

75. Parachute jump

If your dad loves adventures, he is strong in spirit and physically healthy, order him a certificate for skydiving or balloon flight.

76. Ticket for hockey, football, Boxing

Give your father a ticket to a match where his favorite team is playing. It will be nice for him if his family joins the group of fans with him.

77. Gift certificate for a horse ride

A great vacation for dad along with other family members. The walk takes place in a picturesque forest in the fresh air. The birthday boy will have a lot of positive moments.

horseback riding

78. Diving

If the birthday boy has long wanted to see the water world, get acquainted with it, make his wish come true. He will get a vivid impression.

79. A gym membership

Give a certificate to visit the gym for 3 or 6 months. Classes with a trainer will allow a man to get used to and understand the principle of operation of simulators.

80. Birthday in the restaurant or on nature

Arrange a holiday in honor of your father’s anniversary, invite relatives and friends. The celebration can be organized both in the restaurant and in the country, having a picnic in nature.

Gift ideas for dad from daughter

81. Accessories.

Gloves, tie, scarf, umbrella, purse-the the daughter always knows the tastes of her father.

82. Things take care of themselves.

Dad will need body gel, shampoo, aftershave cream, eau de toilette.

83. Their hand’s knitted sweater or vest.

If your daughter can knit, it will be a great present.

84. A set of shirts.

You need to choose your father’s shirt size and style so that they fit the existing wardrobe.

85. Terry dressing gown and Slippers.

Such a cozy gift from your favorite daughter is always appropriate.

86. The salt lamp.

It will help maintain the health of the father, improve his immune system, and destroy mold and germs in the house.

87. Portable heater.

It will warm your father in the cold season, convenient to use.

88. Shoe cleaning kit, it includes creams, brushes, spoons.

You can pack the gift in a leather case with a zipper.

89. Pedometer.

This device will allow you to calculate the number of steps that a person takes over a certain period.

90. Holders for phones can be charging.

The birthday boy will not lose the phone, the gadget will always be in his sight.

91. Chess.

Give an unusual set of chess to your father – magnetic, wall-mounted, chocolate. Please surprise the birthday boy.

92. a tablecloth or napkin Embroidered with your own hands.

It will decorate the room and remind you of your daughter.

93. Keychain with your own hands.

The girl will make it from improvised materials: beads, beads, leather, and other materials.

94. Book of the favorite author of the birthday boy.

It can be a new edition of a modern writer or classic literature.

95. Cake or other baked goods.

The daughter will bake a delicious cake, cookies, or cupcakes for her father’s birthday.

96. SPA massage Session.

Sign up your father to a professional masseur, because such a rest is necessary for his health.

97. Trip or trip to a sanatorium.

If your father likes to travel, give him this opportunity by agreeing on the date of the trip in advance.

98. The genealogical book.

A valuable gift from my daughter, because the book will include the most significant events in the life of the Pope and his family, supplemented with photos.

99. Courses and masterclasses.

If the father likes to develop and get new skills, the daughter can enroll him in a master class in blacksmithing, give lessons in English or extreme driving.

100. Comfortable chair.

This can be an ordinary chair, rocking chair, hammock, or pouf.

..and of course, don’t forget to tell him how much you love him!

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